This function combines an ecoregion map and a land cover map (e.g. ecodistricts and LCC) and creates a map and table of containing their combined values and pixel IDs. Used internally in LandR modules to prepare maps for to make cohortData.

ecoregionProducer(ecoregionMaps, ecoregionName = NULL, rasterToMatch)



a list with two rasters, one with ecoregions (e.g. ecodistricts) and another with land cover (e.g. LCC)


the name describing the type of ecoregions in first map (e.g. "ecoDistrict") if passing a polygon file


A RasterLayer objects to use as the template for all subsequent raster operations (i.e., the one used throughout the simulation).


A list with two objects: the ecoregionMap and a table summarizing its information per pixelID