version 0.0.5

  • new function updateSpeciesTable (moved from LandWebUtils) to allow user to update species parameters by passing a named list.

version 0.0.4

  • assignLightProb now allows interpolating germination probability between species shade tolerance levels for any given stand shade value. This allows for for decimal values in species shade tolerance traits and greater fine tuning of shade-related germination probabilities.

version 0.0.3

  • rounding of age classes and biomass now occurs only inside makeCohortDataFiles, as it is the last thing to do before making cohortData
  • rounding of age and biomass has been taken out of 3 other functions – .createCohortData, makeAndCleanInitialCohortData , and a hard coded bit in Biomass_borealDataPrep
  • updated source for kNN databases (now using v1, instead of v0) - this involved changes in the URLs and how the data is downloaded;
  • statsModel function has a new argument to improve caching with reproducible::Cache (i.e. not used internally);
  • function arguments that where previously called time, are now called currentTime - these changes are matched in LandR Biomass modules
  • minor code clean-ups/bugfixes and improved clarity

version 0.0.2

  • Bug fixes in imports (DESCRIPTION)
  • new function overlayLCCs which will help with overlaying more than one land cover classification raster.
  • major revisions to convertUnwantedLCC to accommodate more cases and eliminate redundant arguments.
  • prepInputsLCC() now works with “LCC10”